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Tornado Safety Plan

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Practice a Tornado Safety Plan:

Planning, preparation and practice are essential to tornado safety.

We may only have a few minutes to get to shelter when a tornado siren alerts us to severe weather.

Being prepared and having practiced where to go, how to get there and who is responsible for what, will save time and possibly save lives.

- Crates and leashes should be available for pets, so they don’t run out when doors are opened or windows are broken by debris.

- Practice until everyone is comfortable. Use treats for your pets and snacks for kids. Practice regularly so that animals and small children become comfortable going into and being in the shelter.

Pick a safe place to shelter:

Underground or lowest level

Large enough for all occupants but not much bigger

Keep it uncluttered

Located away from windows or exterior doors and windows (debris projectiles)

Stock with supplies for all occupants

Reinforce your home for safety:

Maintain and repair your roof as necessary

Trim trees to keep them healthy

Reinforce doors with longer screws

Use wind resistant siding, storm-ready garage doors and high-impact glass in windows

if remodeling.

Aftermath safety:

Make sure you check to see if more storms are imminent

Keep pets in crates or leashed until a safe place is determined for them.

Look for potential danger before allowing pets and kids out of the shelter area.

-debris, nails and broken glass are hard on everyone’s feet

-downed power lines

-leaking pipes or sewage

-tree damage

What you need to prepare now in case of a future emergency:

- Have a working weather radio, flashlight and batteries

- Weather after a tornado may be very wet, consider keeping extra raincoats in the shelter

- Have at least 3-7 days of food for each person and pet, preferably food that is simple in case of power outages

- Have at least 3-7 days of medications available- if they are needed daily

- Have plenty of water and containers for drinking out of

(Date supplies and rotate them out monthly as needed, or a timetable that you’ll adhere to)

- Have pets microchipped- a microchipped pet is easier to identify, and your pet may end up far from your residence in a storm

- In addition, a toy for kids and pets, current vaccine record of all pets in a ziplock (waterproof) bag in case you need to kennel them temporarily. Blankets, bandaging material and a first aid kit may be incredibly useful should the worst happen.

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