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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Jun 10, 2016

Written by: Laura, veterinary assistant

We are beginning a series exchanging honest information for myths.

Laura attended a seminar in the summer of 2014. One of the speakers’ topics was regarding raw diets.  This would have been terrific except many of the “facts” presented just didn’t seem right.  Much more   information was needed, so that an educated, informed decision could be made.  Seemed simple; it wasn’t.

Literally there are hundreds perhaps thousands of web sites providing an incredible amount of information. Unfortunately the value and truthfulness of the information was often hard to determine.

Many sites were overwhelmingly biased one way or another, with the “facts” tweaked to support the author’s personal soap box.

We will begin by laying the foundation of who is responsible for what goes in your pet food, why certain things may be in your pet food, and what exactly is that, in your pet food?

This series will present twelve months plus of on-going research. It is our intent to provide unbiased, scientific research, based on fact not our opinion.  The truth may be hard at times, for us and you. We want you to have the knowledge to make an informed decision about an important aspect in your pet’s life.

There is no best pet food. There may be however, a best food for your pet.

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