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A Fond Farewell

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Jan 13, 2017

Written by: Mary S. veterinary assistant

As a thirty-year veteran of Memorial Animal Hospital I have seen many changes. I was hired by Drs. Banks and Beutel, in 1986, before computers, before ultrasound, and before laser surgery were used. This was before radio and television programming and advertising of pet healthcare, medications and products educated many more people to the importance of veterinary care.

The first 12 years or so of my employment were definitely more time consuming! X-rays took minutes, not seconds, to develop, and hard copies of x-rays had to be saved and stored for long periods of time. Computers made a huge difference in every aspect of the practice. All handwritten medical history and transactions were kept in physical client folders before we had computers. The introduction of laser surgery to our practice made some surgeries less painful. The ease and efficiency of modern x-ray and the use of ultrasound has made imaging an important tool in diagnosing animal issues.

Our technical ability has allowed us to effectively treat many more animals then was once possible. None of our technical tools would ”work”, however without our doctors and staff. Many of us have worked together for 15 plus years. We are a family and a team. We sincerely love animals and feel lucky to be part of our clients’ and patients’ lives.

Moving into our new building about 36 months ago made another huge difference in our practice. It has been fun and a challenge to find the most efficient places to store, work and function. All staff members have contributed in professional and personal ways (I love to sing to our hospitalized patients…and some relax and respond in a positive way). Becoming more departmentalized has been an adjustment, in a good way, as it allows each staff member to concentrate on what he or she does best. Our new building feels more like home every day.

And so…on January 21, 2017 after more than 30 years at this amazing place, I am retiring. There are so many people I will miss…so many friends I have made. This will be bittersweet and a huge change, but I will look at this new chapter of my life as an adventure. I plan to travel a bit, relearn how to cook and bake again, read more and craft. I will always remember my years here with gratitude and love. I have been inspired by the unconditional love we are given by our animals. I will miss my MAH family and the animals and people who have made wonderful memories for me. Thank you, Mary Sterpka

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