Updated: Nov 23

updated 11/23/2021

Veterinarians are an essential business.

Our hours are M-F 8-6 and Sat. 9-1

see Contact/Hours page for updated Holiday hours for November thru Jan 1st.

These policies are in place so we can continue safely treating patients.

Currently we are NOT seeing new clients.

ALL clients are asked to wear masks, while in the hospital, regardless of vaccination status.

PLEASE call: 330 678-2770 when you arrive for medicine OR food pick-ups.

REGARDING appointments:

The lobby is open for those wishing to get out of the weather while waiting for an appointment. No call is necessary, you may walk in with your pet as long as you are masked.

Only one person per appointment and social distancing is to be maintained if you wish to stay in the lobby. To keep everyone safe, masks need to be worn and properly if coming into the hospital.

You may stay outside while waiting, but PLEASE let us know you are here!

We can bring your pet in when we are ready to run your appointment, if you do not wish to enter at all.

REGARDING food and medication requests:

Prescriptions are picked up in the exit vestibule by the dog statue, to the left of the main front door. We will put your completed order there when you are ready to pick up.

We ask that you give a minimum of 24 hour notice on all food and prescription refills.

Emails and using the script-line prompt when calling, keeps our phone lines open. We will call to notify you when your order is ready. Please be prepared to pay at that time, if possible.

It helps with the amount of time spent on phone calls, especially in the busiest time of afternoon.

As multiple people may be coming to pick up meds or food, only call when you have arrived at the hospital, not en route to pick up,

Be aware that med refills and appointments may take a bit longer due to understaffing and COVID-19 sanitizing protocols that are still on-going. Due to only a percentage of persons being vaccinated (whether for personal reasons, or inability to get vaccinated), Covid-19 is still a risk for many. We want all staff and clients to feel safe in our facility.

In case you are unaware, most veterinarians chose to only offer curbside service to clients during COVID-19. Recently, all veterinarians have had a surge of case load. Like many businesses in Ohio it has been a challenge to obtain new qualified staff. We will change protocols as we deem necessary, to give you the best quality medicine and care we can provide.

If you are late for an appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.

We appreciate your understanding. Stay SAFE out there!