Cat Friendly

Certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. We have gone the extra mile to make our feline patient’s visit as pleasant as possible.  What exactly does this mean? We use special handling techniques, calming pheromones, a lobby with tables reserved for cat carriers, keeping them off the floor and specific cat only rooms- no dog smells there!

ECG Services

A diagnostic test to measure and interpret electrical impulses of the heart.  The ECG is used to help diagnose acute and chronic signs of cardiac disease.

Nutritional Counseling

We can help guide you in choosing the best nutrition for your pet, keeping in mind cost and your pet’s particular needs.  We also offer prescription pet food which provides nutritional support.


Having a well-stocked pharmacy allows us to begin treatment of your pet without you making  additional trips to an outside pharmacy.  We fill on-going prescriptions typically within 24 hours.


Our state of the art surgery suite offers control of airflow for a more controlled environment.  In addition to spays and castrations, many other surgeries are conducted on a routine basis. We offer a variety of anesthetic protocols to accommodate individual patient needs based on length and invasiveness of procedure and patient’s general health.


Regular professional dental cleaning is important to maintaining your pet’s teeth and general health.  We use an ultrasonic scaler to remove tartar and plaque.  Hand scaling or root planing as necessary, is also used to remove deposits about the gum line.  All teeth are polished upon completion of the dental procedure.

In-House Lab

Our in-house laboratory allows us to offer fast, accurate, complete blood counts and chemistry profiles as well as heartworm, lyme disease, feline leukemia, and feline FIV testing.  We utilize veterinary referral labs for specialized diagnostics.

On Site Crematorium

At our on-site crematorium, we carefully identify your pet, through every single step of the process, ensuring the safe redelivery of your pet’s remains.

Puppy/Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens are precious and require additional attention.  

We want to help you learn how to take the best care of your new furry friend, through preventative wellness exams, nutrition and medicine when appropriate.  We also offer behavior counseling on care and training.


Diagnostic test using ultrasonic waves to produce images of soft tissues, abdominal organs and heart. Often used in conjunction with radiographic imaging.  (Ultrasound is better for imaging soft tissues and radiographs are better for imaging bones.) Common uses include imaging for bladder stones, abdominal abnormalities and pregnancy confirmation.

Digital Radiology

We can develop images in about two minutes. This allows us to diagnose more efficiently and with less stress for your pet, keeping their time in the radiology room to a minimum.  This method also allows us to forward images to a specialist if needed.


We use the HomeAgain Retrieval System for microchipping your pet. Giving you another method for the safe return of your pet should it become lost, in addition to the information on the rabies tag and dog license tag.

Pain Management

Whether your pet’s pain is temporary from an injury or surgery or chronic from arthritis or illness, we will help evaluate and alleviate in the best interest of your pet.

Senior Care

As your pet reaches those golden years we see changes in behavior, eating habits and activity. Let us help guide you through these changes to make the transition from bouncing kitten to gracefully aging queen as seamless as possible.

Wellness Exams

Perhaps the most important exams for your pet.  Yearly exams are given along with vaccinations; as your pet ages, these yearly or more frequent exams often catch problems as they arise. Early detection of problems are often easier to treat and less costly.

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