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HI. My name is Cris Conery, and I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and I would like to tell you why I think training your dog is important. First let me remind everyone that January is national train your dog month! Training your dog, whether it is for basic good manners, as a competition dog, or for a specialty job is one of the most rewarding experiences you could have with your dog.

Working to achieve good behavior also forges a bond that will give you a loyal companion for life. By working with your dog, forming that bond, you will have a dog that you can be proud of. I have found that by learning, the dogs want to learn more and more. Our dogs are intelligent, once we unlock the communication door, the sky is the limit. By finding a knowledgeable trainer to help, you and your dog will be communicating in no time, and by training in a group setting your dog will learn to behave with many types of distractions.

Many people have said to me that they have trained dogs before and they will do it at home. That is fine if you want your dog to only behave at home, but most of us would like to take our dogs for a walk, or to the pet store, or for a ride in the car and they will not learn to ignore distractions if they have never been taught how! This is easily achieved by taking your dog to a group class where they will be exposed to other dogs, people, toys, sounds, smells and sights. Nobody expects a puppy to do competition obedience, but they should be able to sit and not jump on your guests when they enter your home.
Please consider making your dog your partner for life and start training!