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Training for a Positive Experience

please email Cris at crisconery@neo.rr.com OR call 330 678-2770 to leave a message for Cris to register, or for further information. Information on types of classes is available below.

Puppy Kindergarten

This class teaches the very basic obedience skills needed for good household manners.

Puppies are taught the core skills of good behavior using positive re-enforcement techniques.

Impulse Control and Offered Focus will be used to teach basic behaviors and to correct problems such as leash pulling and jumping.

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Pet Partner Preparation

Designed for owners that are interested in doing therapy work with their dogs. Basic obedience skills are a prerequisite. This class will prepare dog and handler teams for the many facets of therapy work including those of hospitals, libraries and nursing homes. Preparing teams for the Evaluation Test is essential. This class in no way guarantees passing the evaluation, but will provide invaluable knowledge of what to expect and what your team needs to work on.

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Foundation Skills 1

This class builds on behaviors and techniques learned in Puppy Kindergarten.

Adding in distractions and working on more technical skills while providing a positive and fun experience for both pet and owner.

Demonstration of Kindergarten level skills are recommended for this class.

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Foundation Skills 2

This class builds on skills learned in Foundation Skills 1.

More emphasis is on Impulse Control and advanced social skills are a major part of this class.

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Happy Hiking

This class is for fun and elevating the skills of our dogs in a distracting and social setting.

The class is held on the Hike and Bike trail on Saturday mornings, rain or shine.

Dogs learn how to handle unusual distractions, including bikers, runners and other dogs.

This class is a pay as you go class.

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Private Classes

Not all behaviors can be addressed in a class situation. Some behaviors need to be addressed individually. The private sessions are designed to the specific need of that animal.

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