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Virtual Tour

Welcome to Memorial Animal Hospital

We will gladly assist you in getting into and out of the building if you need help.  Ease of access is aided by an ADA accessible curb ramp placed between handicap parking spaces and accompanied by a 2% sloped sidewalk leading to the front door.


Spacious Lobby

Our lobby is spacious and filled with natural light and plenty of comfortable padded chairs.  A cat area allows for a less stressful visit with tables to place carriers on.


Customer Care Reps

Our customer care reps help you with scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions and getting your questions answered.

Wall of Fame

Be sure to visit our wall of fame the next time you are at our hospital.

Weighing In

Weighing in is an important step in the exam.  We monitor for unexpected weight changes and determine dosing of medication based on your pet’s current weight.


Patient History

After taking a patient history our assistants or technicians get ready any diagnostic tools or vaccinations the doctor will need.


Listening to Your Concerns

Listening to your concerns about your pet’s health or behavior is important to us.  The discussion helps us determine a course of action if needed.


Head to Tail Exams

The exam covers your animal head to tail.  The exam may be adjusted due to illness or age depending on what the main concerns are.


In-House Laboratory

We are able to complete many tests in just minutes with our in-house lab.  Giving you peace of mind or the ability to start treatment right away.


Digital Radiology

Sometimes we need to take an x-ray to check arthritis, determine the extent of an injury, evaluate soft tissue structures or give a pregnancy puppy count.



If your pet has a condition that would benefit from prescription medication or prescription food, we can get you started on treatment right away.


End of Visit

When appropriate we love to treat our patients at the end of their visit.


See You Soon

Have a great day and hope to see you soon!